A Week of Hunting…. 

Solitude, Patience, Reward


One king reigns supreme in Québec’s forests—the moose. This sovereign is royal not for its beauty or agility but for its majesty, strength and, of course, its magnificent antlers. The male moose proudly carries a flamboyant rack as its crown, measuring up to 160 cm (over 5 ft.) in width. This beast commands respect with its nonchalant gait even in the thickest bush, its ease in the water and, above all, the earth-trembling bellow of the male. Moose hunting requires a great deal of patience. This sport is carried out in expeditions of usually two, four or six participants. In our zone one moose is allowed per two hunters. Smith Bay Camp Outfitters offer very well structured bow and rifle hunts that will let you discover this unique world. A quick 5 minute boat ride from the MAIN CAMP to different hunt areas will enable the hunter to experience the true outdoors. Each year the moose gender harvest is subject to change.
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