About Us

Grant & Lyn Simmons, would like to welcome you

to the remote area of beautiful Lake Kipawa.

Located in the Temiscamingue Region of Quebec

(Fishing Zone # 13 west).Lake Kipawa offers over

1600 kilometers of shoreline.

Access to Smith Bay Outfitters is by boat only,

from our secure mainland parking area near

Laniel, Quebec. The CAMP is just inside the

Ontario / Quebec boarder approximately 70 miles

north east of North Bay. Lake Kipawa is a very

deep clear lake with numerous protected inlets

and bays. The rocky outcrops, on the tree-

covered shoreline, make it a tranquil fishing


Grant & Lyn have been involved in the great

outdoors for over 25 years. They are pleased to

be able to carry on the tradition of customer

service that Smith Bay customers have come to

expect. Hospitality, customer service and good

friendships are our prime responsibilities.

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